Burst proof your home today with a set cost!

Why do I need to do this?

One of the most common causes of internal flooding in homes is from a burst flexible water hose, or ‘flexi hose’,
The flexi hose is a plumbing connection from the water main to major appliances, sinks and toilets, and has come into the spotlight over the last decade as one of the top reasons a home is flooded from water leakages and ruptures, to major water bursts.

Most of the flexi hoses currently used have an inner lining manufactured from EPDM which has the potential to absorb and release harmful chemicals such as chlorine into your drinking water. This ability to absorb chemicals also results in a potential burst flexi hose.

Our burst proofing not only protects you from burst water pipes, but also taps left on or unusual water usage.

How it Works?

AquaTrip is an easily programmable valve to suite individual clients needs. It functions as a water trip switch, constantly monitoring all your plumbing pipes, fittings and water using appliances on the property.

If it detects a leak, a tap left running or some other plumbing failure, it will automatically shut off your water supply to minimise water damage and excess water bills.

Water can easily be switched back on with a manual button on the valve. Don’t risk a ticking time bomb and book us in today to burst proof your home!

What's Included:

  • At a set cost on all homes we will provide a plumbing assessment of your property for potential bursts.
  • Replace all flexible hoses with new (15yr warranty burst proof hoses) and up to three mixer taps (kitchen and two basin mixers) also with 15yr warranty. Our polyamide hi class water hoses cannot rust or corrode as it uses polyamide braiding that is like the Kevlar used in bulletproof vests. The connectors are manufactured from brass alloy so the entire flex hose will never rust even if its continually in contact with chemicals such as chlorine.
  • Installation of an Aqua trip or equivalent product (dependant on availability) located near your meter box. AquaTrip is a permanently installed Leak Detection System with an integrated automatic Shutoff Valve

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