Are you tired of dealing with a blocked drain that keeps causing inconvenience and potential damage to your property? We understand the frustration that comes with a blocked drain. That’s why we offer efficient and reliable drain repair services to restore your plumbing system to its optimal function. 

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Blocked Toilet

Nobody wants a blocked toilet, that’s why Parallel Plumbing & Gas are available 24/7 to get your sewer system back up and running in no time! Contact us now for same day service.

Our experience combined with the latest plumbing technology will identify the issue fast and have your toilet unblocked quickly.

Common Causes of a Blocked Toilet

  • Feminine sanitary items
  • Flushable wipes (Not so flushable)
  • Too much toilet paper
  • Kids Toys
  • Broken Sewer 
  • Tree roots

 Why Choose Us:

  • Our truck mounted sewer jetter has the power to clear blockages that can’t be cleared with a plunger.
  • All major unblocks come with a free camera inspection and report to identify the cause of the issue accompanied with an obligation free quote to fix any issues.

Blocked Sink

Blocked sink drains servicing Brisbane, Logan, Scenic Rim, Redlands, Gold Coast
The most used sink in a household is the kitchen sink, even if you’re not washing dishes all the time your dishwasher feeds into the same pipework behind the scenes.

The kitchen sink is generally the most used its not the only sink that can face a blockage. All sinks in your household are susceptible to a blockage which is very common. You can also face a blocked laundry sink and blocked basin sink.

How do I know if I have a blocked sink?

If it’s not already obvious your kitchen, laundry or bathroom sink is completely blocked and not draining, there are some signs that a major blockage is going to eventuate.

  • Water drains slowly
  • Drain smells
  • Gurgling noises

Why Choose Us:

  • Parallel Plumbing & Gas has the latest technology to clear your blockage issues fast and at an affordable cost.
  • We take steps to ensure your drains are thoroughly cleared which is why we guarantee our work. 
  • We provide tips and tricks to help prevent repeat issues.
  • No Call out fees.
  • Upfront costing.
  • Issues fixed with a smile!

By pouring drain cleaning products you can purchase from a supermarket you’re also pouring your hard earned $$$ down the drain. Don’t waste your money and time and call us today to have the issue fixed asap.

Don’t waste your money and time and call us today to have the issue fixed ASAP.

Blocked Shower

Don’t let your shower blockage stop you from enjoying that nice warm shower. Shower blockages could be as simple as a build-up of hair, soap residue, mineral deposits, dirt and grime or the random foreign object your toddler decided to put down the drain. 

Parallel Plumbing and Gas can inspect your shower and fix your issues with minimal disruption to your shower. 

  • We have drain cleaning snakes that can quickly and effectively clear out those small debris causing blockages
  • Parallel have the latest technology to be able to inspect pipes and locate the problem and we can then provide a precise solution to your blockage.

Pipe Repairs and Replacement is our specialty, so don’t worry if we find something, we have the expertise to fix it and provide solutions to prevent future blockages. 

We offer honest, up front costing so there are no surprises for you later on. 

Contact us today for a friendly and professional service!

Blocked Bath

Are you trying to drain your bathtub but the water just doesn’t drain away like it should? You could have a blockage. 

Parallel Plumbing and Gas can inspect your bath drains and fix your issues with minimal disruption to your bathroom. 

Here at Parallel, we have noticed it is quite common for blockages to occur in the bath after the kids have had a play! Those bath toys are great at keeping them enterained, but if one goes down the drain then we come and inspect and clear it for you. 

If your pipes are getting a little on the older side, then we can replace them so they last and you don’t have to worry again about bath blockages. 

We offer honest, up front costing so there are no surprises for you later on. 

Contact us today for friendly and professional service and upfront, honest pricing!

Blocked Stormwater Drains

Blocked storm water solutions Brisbane, Logan, Scenic Rim, Redlands, Gold Coast
Don’t be caught out before storm season, get your drains cleared!

South East Queensland storms can pack a punch, Local torrential rain can cause major flooding in a matter of minutes. A blocked storm water drain may seem like a minor issue but shouldn’t be ignored. If your storm water is blocked it can pose flooding risk causing damage in and around your home as well as posing health risks.

Luckily Parallel Plumbing & gas have the latest drain cleaning equipment and camera systems to get all your blocked storm water issue cleared, replaced or repaired.

How do I know if I have blocked storm water?

  • Do your gutters overflow in moderate to light rainfall?
  • Can you see water exiting to the street?
  • Does water pool in your yard?

Why Choose Us:

These are the main things to look out for when determining if your storm water is blocked.

  • Every major blockage cleared with our jetter machine includes a free camera inspection valued at $220Inc GST. We will show you the camera footage on the spot of any issues and can pinpoint the issue with our location equipment saving time and money if excavation is required.
  • Our truck mounted jetter machine is equipped with a range of different nozzles which has the capability of clearing dirt and debris as well as cutting out tree roots. Pressurised water is an incredible tool.
  • We have the experience to get the issue sorted quickly and at an affordable cost.
  • Honest upfront costing.

Contact us today for friendly and professional service!

Blocked Downpipes

Blocked can be a common plumbing issue that you don’t realise is a problem until it is too late and the rains are here! 

What damage does Blocked Downpipes cause?

  • They can cause water damage – when your downpipes are blocked, rainwater can’t flow where it is meant to and this will lead to overflow that can seep into your walls, roof, foundation and cause structural damage or mould and mildew. 
  • Commonly gutters can be full of leaves and become blocked causing them to overflow and cause flooding and damage tot the outside of your home. 
  • You may experience an increase in insect and pests with stagnant water accumulating with your blocked downpipes. 
  • The gardens and landscaping may wash away or be damaged from the overflow of blocked downpipes. 

Ultimately we are worried about your home structurally. We don’t realising you left it too late. Call Parallel Plumbing and Gas to have your downpipes inspected and replaced if necessary before the rain comes. Regular inspections and cleaning is essential in preventing blockages and avoiding issues later on. 


Contact us today for honest, upfront pricing! 

Blocked Septic

If your septic system is experiencing clogging issues or backups, our team can diagnose the problem and provide efficient and effective repairs. We use advanced techniques and tools to fix any issues with your septic system, ensuring it functions properly.

We have years of experience dealing with Septic issues and know the common problems to look out for.

We stay updated with the latest industry trends and techniques to provide you with the best possible service. We understand the importance of a properly functioning septic system. That’s why we prioritise quick response times and timely service to make sure your septic tank is functioning properly.

Experts in Septic Systems – Contact us today to find out more!

Broken Drain Repairs

Broken and cracked drains can be caused by corrosion, old age, invasive tree roots, ground movement, failed and leaking joints. 

There are a number of things we can do to fix the drain. We will assess your issue and consult with you on the best solution. This maybe repairing and resealing the damaged drains or replacing sections or the entire pipe so it is built to last. 

Contact us today for an inspection and repair of your broken drains! 

Drain Camera & Underground Location Services

With state of the art technology, Parallel Plumbing and Gas can locate any underground drain problem easy and efficiently. 

We utilise drain cameras and underground location equipment to quickly locate underground utilites which enables us to find the problem without unnecessary digging and damage to your property. 

Parallel Plumbing and Gas specialise in blocked drain diagnosis and clearing using our CCTV cameras and high pressure water jetters. Using our cameras and location services, we can save you money by only digging up where it is absolutely necessary and with no hidden surprises. 


With our drain camera technology, we can save you time and money. Contact us to find out more. 

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