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Blocked drain with tree roots | You found what in my drain? | Parallel Plumbing and Gas Blog

Clearing blocked drains are one of our most common emergency call outs, sometimes we can’t believe what we find!!!! A snake, someone’s undies, kids toys … yes you heard right, they are all true, we never know what we will find.

But most commonly, blockages are caused by either too much toilet paper/ female sanitary items or flushable wipes. Because the newer toilets use less water the amount of toilet paper you use can cause your toilet to block. If you’re using toilet paper, you should always use the full flush button. Weekly we clear blocked drains full of ‘flushable’ wipes…Although they are convenient they are terrible at being biodegradable, unlike toilet paper that breaks down straight away, flushable wipes can last years in your pipes causing your entire house sewerage network to block.

Are your drains making gurgling noises? Does the water in your toilet get sucked out after flushing? Have you noticed overflow outside your house? If you have any of these signs, you are best to call a plumber.

This is what we will do if you call for a blocked drain: Upon attending your property, we will diagnose the location of the blockage and determine the best course of action. We have the latest high pressure drain cleaning equipment (Jetter) to clear most blockages and cut tree roots. We can also offer digital camera and location service to pin point blockages and broken pipes with a USB stick provided. Simply plug into your TV and you can view video footage and images from inside your drainage system. If the issue is more severe than a general blockage e.g. broken pipe, Parallel plumbing & gas has expert experience in excavation and repair to get your drain flowing in no time.

So just remember to keep your undies and toys out of the drains but if this does happen – call us, we are here to help.


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