Smelly Drains? Here’s Some Home Remedies You Can Try

Water in sink with drain | Smelly Drain? Here's some home remedies you can try | Parralel Plumbing and Gas Blog

Are you ever walking around the house and think….. “ewwww what’s that smell???” Or are you like us and think “OMG, which child needs a nappy change?” – did you know this could be your drain??

Sometimes drains such as your kitchen sink or shower trap can start to smell. There could be many reasons for this, sometimes it could be a bit more serious and be a blockage, or something more simple like a build-up of bacteria causing the smell. Before you call a plumber – try this quick tip that we use all the time at home.

Simply place one cup of bicarb in the smelly drain, follow with one cup of vinegar and finally add two cups of boiling water. Let it sit for ten minutes then flush with boiling water. As a final touch you can also add lemon juice to give a fresh smell.

This is a great safe and easy way to eliminate the odour… so now if you still smell something maybe you should check your kids,


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